Activities and interests of our members include using Leica equipment as well as participation in discussions and club events and maintaining an extensive documentation and research mainly of optical products made in Wetzlar and Solms - from microscopes developed by the optical institute founded by Carl Kellner to the legendary screwmount Leicas of the Ernst Leitz Werke to modern high-tech cameras produced today by Leica Camera AG.

Since our society was founded in 1975, our magazine VIDOM has been published. Furthermore, Leica HISTORICA e.V. has edited and offered a series of books and fosters a huge archive about the history of the Leica.

Our aim is to research and educate on the development- and production history of the Leica and the Leica system. Our members readily divulge their vast knowledge not only in books or the VIDOM magazine but also in presentations at our meetings. One thing is certain: Leica Historica members experience interesting and often rather unknown aspects about the history of the Leica realm.

Apart from our biannual meetings, other activities such as our annual member journey offer opportunities for interesting talks, for photo walks or just for a pleasant exchange with kindred spirits. Camera fairs are another chance to meet like-minded people.

Like a jour fixe our spring and autumn meetings offer the possibility for mutual exchange during dinner, before or after the lecture or the photo competition, while taking a little walk around town or when having a coffee in the afternoon. All those events ensure felicitous meet-ups.

In the virtual world Leica HISTORICA does not only subsist on this website, we also are active on facebook. We additionally maintain friendly contact with other organizations that deal with the history or the usage of anything that is connected to “our” brand.

We, as Leica HISTOICA, are open for everybody who is interested in the history of the Leica. We would gladly invite you to join us as our latest member.